Moondance Delivery Trip, Gweek to Topsham

When: 1 to 2 April 2006

What: Moondance, 32' long keel, heavy displacement gaff cutter (Falmouth work boat)

Where: Gweek - Brixham - Topsham

Who: Adrian, Lucy, Peter, Julian, Catherine

This is Moondance in Gweek a couple of weeks before the trip, looking like she's got the biggest bowsprit in the world. Thanks to Peter for this photo.

These are my pictures of the trip:




Thanks to Peter for the following pictures:


Thanks also to whoever took the photos with me in them on my camera or Peter on his.

JAF monogram Copyright: text © Julian Foad, 2006; photographs © Julian Foad, 2006 and © Peter Wynn, 2006.