Sea crossing and cruise of the Dutch inland waterways on "Anna Crane"

When: 20 June to 3 July 2005

What: Anna Crane, 33' gaff (smack rigged) Bawley (44' with bowsprit)

Where: Tollesbury - Vlissingen - Rotterdam - Breskens - Tollesbury

Who: Andrew Challis (skipper), Julian, Joe, Mike, Rachel (not all at once)

This isn't the story of the cruise, just captions for the photographs that I took.

In Dordrecht, Joe reading on the back deck in the evening with the floodlit church behind.  I liked that the clock hands and numerals are illuminated, and this was repeated in other places.

Arriving in Rotterdam at midday we discovered that the second bridge ahead (seen very low under the raised one, in the second and third pictures below) was not going to open until 7 pm due to a cycle race happening all over town this weekend.  We tied up to the only mooring available: one of those huge barges which we have been keeping well clear of so far.

We thought, and I hobbled across the barge to which we were moored and the island to which it was moored, and reported back that the fixed bridge on the other side of this island had 12 m clearance.  So we lowered the topmast and then sent Joe up with a tape measure to measure how much "air draft" we still had.  It came to 10.9 m above the water with the flag still up.

Oh, 11.6 m clearance now.  Well, that'll do.

And then we found the lightship which made Andy's, Joe's and Mike's day, and was quite interesting to me too...

Half way up the Eurotower in Rotterdam we found some guys running a zip-wire from this 110m platform down at 45 degrees to the park below.  We saw two people go down it but didn't fancy a go ourselves.

More of Holland's striking architecture.

Dutch children (probably), at their favourite water game: being towed along by a boat.

A lovely little town - with the first old-fashioned windmill (wind pump) we had seen on the entire trip.

A second visit to the lovely town of Goes (not pronounced anything like "goes"), with the friendly acrobatic bridge keeper.  In the town square they were rehearsing for their 600th anniversary musical play, and we got to see a lot of it while dining outside there in the evening.

Finally back in Tollesbury after an evening of mulled wine and pancakes and a good sleep.

JAF monogram Copyright: text © Julian Foad, 2005; photographs © Julian Foad, 2005.