On-Line Short Films


The 3BTV web site has hundreds of short films made by art students and the like (no porn or anything like that). The films listed here are the small fraction that I rated at least "OK" according to my personal taste.

Treat this as a lucky dip. The comment after a film's rating is only intended to be just enough to remind me of it afterwards, and may contain a spoiler.

Links don't work? Clicking on the film name doesn't work for me. Instead, drag it to your video player (Kaffeine, MS Media Player, etc.) or copy the link URL and paste it into the player.

aglitchinthematrixG; long. Spoof.
ahostagetofortuneQG; long.
amatterofhairOK; long. Hairy.
amightystillnessQG. Art music video.
angelG. Sweet: tube.
bananasplatOK. Big companies plc.
barelyaliveQG. Kidneys.
beauty21OK. Short poem.
bettyandsamOK. Long, subdued.
birdlifeG. Amusing. Intruder.
blackmagiccastleOK for a cartoon. Lego.
bodyandsoulOK. Sweet.
cabinfeverQG, long. TVs.
cavepeopleOK - retarded brother
circlelineQG. Wymondham station.
concupiscenceQG. Office romance.
dangleOK. Light pull.
esmereldaOK. Car.
excessbaggageOK; airport cartoon.
falseexpectationsQG; children in money.
fishnchicksOK; long.
girlopposite7OK. Nice.
gratuityOK; v short.
hemlockOK. Spooky.
hightideQG. Sweet: smile as you go by.
isaacandellenOK; long. Sad.
Here, I perhaps start saying "OK" instead of "So-so" for a while.
jacktherubberOK; short.
jamsarniedayOK. Girl at beach.
jemimaOK. Useless boyfriend.
kidslearnfastOK; short.
lineofmasculinityOK. Cafe.
loveliesbleedingOK. Short poem.
manaloneOK. Growing plants.
matryoshkaOK. Wordscape about machines.
melimeloQG. Love triangle?
mesmerisedOK. Hypnotist.
musicforotherpeopleOK - just aerobics.
myheartisbrokenOK - drug dealer.
myskyisbigOK - crow girl/dad.
ninjamanOK, long.
nomoreOK. Actress.
ontherighttrackOK. 21m.
oneeyedchloeOK; long.
replayOK/QG. Backwards. 10m.
I have only looked at a few of the films after this point in the alphabet.
snafuQG; long. Lads.
soloVG. Moving: clarinet.
swayG. 4m.
thegangwhocouldntQG. Amusing: death pact.
uglybugballQG. Cute: insects.

My rating scale: VG, G, QG, OK, So-so, NVG, Poor. Some types of films I almost always skipped: cartoons (in particular, "Arry" ones NVG), music videos, documentary or informational films, and adverts. A number followed by "m" is the length in minutes.

If you want to browse the 3BTV web site, you will find their hidden library indexes useful. To watch a film there, I find that their built-in viewer doesn't work very well so I prefer to use a stand-alone media player. To do this you need to know that the URL for each film is "mms://streaming.i2i-technology.com/3BTV/" + film-name + "BB.wmv" ("BB" for "Broad Band" or "NB" for "Narrow Band" version). The film-name part of the URL is usually the title of the film, in lower case, without any punctuation or spaces, as in the list above. You can find it as part of the URL in the links from the 3BTV listings.

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